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Christina Kober

Diamond Dusted Petite Stacker

$ 49.00
Size 7

The Petite Stacker is a staff and customer favorite alike. Perfectly stackable, this ring is available in two finishes: diamond dusted or classic. The diamond dusted finish is our take on the diamond eternity band, as we diamond dust the entire outer edge of the ring. This ring also makes the perfect understated wedding band. Handmade in Nashville, TN.

  • Ring measures 1mm wide
  • Sizes available to order
  • The diamond dusted collection highlights a texture Christina Kober coined "diamond dusted." The technique is carefully applied by hand, by striking the metal with the back, pointy side of a diamond. The metal is softer than the diamond, taking an unusual imprint of the diamond's point. Which is the beautiful, subtly sparkly finish you see.