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Alex Monroe

Teeny Tiny Bumblebee Necklace

$ 555.00

Alex Monroe's iconic bumblebee necklace rendered in glittering 18ct gold miniature. Just 1cm in wingspan with all the divine detail you can imagine!

Backstory of The Bee in the words of Alex Monroe:

"The bee represents a whole array of thoughts and emotions for me; Feminine strength, beauty, vulnerability, the Renaissance idea of the inevitable pain of love, community. There is a nostalgic Britishness to the bee, Beatrix Potter and the cottage country garden. And then of course there is the environmental role of bees, pollinating the world’s food while under constant threat from pollution. There is so much symbolism in my bee… I can see most of what I was after, and I hope people who buy or wear one might see just a little bit of my inspiration in their bee, and of course, they will have their own ideas about what their bee means to them too!"

Bee Height:  .6cm
Bee Width:  1cm
Chain length:  40.5 cm - 45.5 cm (16" - 18")


Handcrafted in England