Medium Guinea Fowl in Grey Spotted White

$ 172.00

Mrs. Heidi Caillard was born in 1932 in Basel, Switzerland.  She studied Ceramics at the Beaux-Arts School of Art and at the ceramic school of Lausanne in Switzerland.

In 1968, she moved to France, and eventually to the town of Lussan, where she, her husband Daniel and their son Adrien currently have their workshop and store.

Inspired by the real poultry in her garden, Heidi created her iconic guinea fowl design.  “Having been fascinated for more than 30 years by the originality and the elegance of the Guinea hens that run free in my garden, it finally came to me that by immortalizing them in a harmonious and timeless object, I could convey my love of the Guineas to others.”

These stylized sculptures are hand-painted using a special technique that creates warm and unique colors. More than just decorative objects, each one is unique work of art that are now considered collector’s items around the globe.

Medium - 7.9"