Hella Awkward Card Game

$ 28.00

Hella Awkward is the card game that sparks unforgettable experiences of connection, laughter and fun, one awkward conversation at a time! Build deeper & more meaningful connections with 140 thought-provoking q's over 4 categories - real talk, dating, sex & relationships. Expect unexpected questions, get in your feelings, and have a good ass time. Perfect for first dates, parties with friends or serious relationships!  From the Founders: "Growing up, these types of convos weren't had in our communities. We’re driven to encourage people to connect across culture. Every detail of our design is considered, we aim for a premium yet approachable experience. Hella Awkward will stand out on the shelf, your coffee table, and fit seamlessly into your life. We hope this game will bring you closer just like creating it did for us

The perfect addition to date night or game night with friends - 140 questions across 4 categories to spark deeper and more meaningful conversations. 

      • four exciting categories on relationships, dating, sex, and real talk that will have you laughing or in your feels crying 
      • a fun way to strengthen your relationships and talk about what matters most.

      • get to know a side of each other, you never knew before.

      • 2-6 players

      • for ages 18+