14K & Diamond Ouroboros Amulet Charm

$ 286.00

Acanthus Jewelry is a stunning and buildable jewelry line, with customizable chains and charms to create your own story.  The 14K Gold & Diamond Ouroboros Amulet Charm combines beautifully with any one of Acanthus’ mixed metal or 14K charm holder necklaces or bracelets.  Each one features a central ring that opens and shuts so that charms can be added as your story grows.

Ouroboros & serpent symbolizes renewal - a reminder that you can begin again, as many times as necessary.

THE ACANTHUS COLLECTION is hand crafted in oxidized silver, 14k gold and 24k gold, and uses semi-precious and precious gemstones such as rainbow moonstones, diamonds and the incredibly unique, dendritic agate. The hand of the artist is revealed in each piece created, from forming metal, to stone setting, to delicately and painstakingly cutting gold imagery to create the patterns in her pieces. When you wear a piece of Acanthus jewelry, you know exactly the time, work, and love that went into it.

NICHOLE MCIVER has a background in two-dimensional studio art, and art history. She is a self-taught maker and Acanthus is hand made by her personally, in her home studio in Central Minnesota.