Natural Gray Soapstone Heart

$ 8.00

Hand carved and polished to a smooth finish, this set of 4 rounded hearts showcases the beautiful tones of natural gray soapstone.

Although colors are predominantly gray, this is completely natural soapstone, undyed, so each piece will display a wide variation in color with veining, lighter or darker gray, and even some brown and pink tones. Each will be lovely. 

Size: each heart measures 2.75" wide by 1.75" tall.

About the Artisans:

At the Ndima Crafts' finishing shop in Nairobi's industrial district, roughly a dozen artisans of varied ethnicity transform raw soapstone by using non-toxic synthetic dyes under the leadership of Charles Ndibe. Charles' exacting standards of quality and friendly demeanor make him one of Swahili Modern's most reliable vendors.