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Mercado Global

Reusable Protective Masks in Various Colors

$ 16.00
turquoise stripes
black and cream stripes
yellow stripes
teal stripes
Peacock Blue
assorted mercado colors

When you purchase a mask handmade by a Mercado Global artisan, you are supporting the production of two masks – one for you and one that they will donate to a hospital in need.

Each mask is one-of-a-kind  they're highly effective, reusable, machine washable, eco-friendly, designed for comfort, and provide critical income to indigenous women artisans in rural Guatemala. This mask is meant to provide protection against the transmission of water droplets and other airborne particles. Each one is made with recycled scrap fabric from their production line — working to minimize waste and use these leftover pieces for good. Your Mercado Global mask can be reused daily for months or even years, and they are easily sanitized.