Rewined Sparkling Candle Gift Set

$ 55.00
Introducing Rewined's Sparkling Candle Gift Set, a curated collection meticulously crafted to deliver a luxurious olfactory experience that transports you to the world of wines. This set features three 2.5oz candles, each inspired by a different wine varietal, allowing you to experience the captivating scents that make Champagne, Prosecco and Rosè so extraordinary.
Champagne Candle: Feminine notes of peony, bergamot, and peach blossom fill the air, evoking the effervescent joy of toasting to life's milestones.
Prosecco Candle: The delicate fragrance of honeysuckle, Asian pear, and ozone fills the air, evoking the lushness and vitality of nature.
Rose Candle: A complex blend of red fruit, white peach, and rose petal infuses the room with an intoxicating aroma. Allow the essence of blooming roses to captivate your senses, creating an atmosphere of timeless elegance and serenity.

• Made in United States
• Product Language: English
• Weight: 1.5 lb (0.68 kg)
• Dimensions: 9.3 x 4.3 x 2.8 in (23.6 x 10.9 x 7.1 cm)