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$ 14.00
Birdling Woodpecker
Birdling Kingfisher
Birdling Wren
Birdling Blue Tit
Birdling Puffin
Birdling Cardinal
Birdling Robin
Birdling Dove
Birdling Mallard
BIrdling Bluejay

Birdling Wren may be neat and petite, but this little singer fills the woodland with music! With swooshes of peach, mauve and cocoa plumage, a snowy white eyemask and pebble beak, Birdling Wren is tiny but mighty.

Birdling Kingfisher loves perching patiently, waiting to spy some dinner in the river! This striking scamp has soft, bright fur in pastel blue, rust-red and cloudy white, with a keen bright eye and a cool grey beak for scooping up fish!

Knock knock! Who's there? It's just Birdling Woodpecker, hunting yummy bugs! Dandy and dashing in moss-green and cream, with a sleek grey beak and scarlet topknot, this woodpecker loves to make a grand entrance.