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-1st orders for new stores must be a minimum of $500.00
-There is NO minimum on reorders
-Orders usually take 4 weeks in production, but smaller, special orders can be accommodated in less time
-Philippa Roberts Jewelry understands the value of protecting our customers who place orders on a regular basis. A territory search will be run to ensure that there are no regular Philippa Roberts Jewelry customers within your zip code. Please check back with us at a later date if your territory is currently unavailable
-For a store to maintain Philippa Roberts Jewelry exclusivity, we require at least two substantial orders a year
-We aim to be consistent with our gems stones, however occasionally they are subject to change without notice

Payment Policies
-First and second orders are shipped Credit Card or COD
-To receive net 30 terms for subsequent orders, please fax or email a credit sheet to:
-Please pay us in a timely manner

Returns and Repairs
-An RA# is required for repairs
-We do not charge for repairs if it is a defect in the jewelry or something that is obviously a studio mistake
-Ship the item(s) in a box with adequate padding to protect the jewelry, include your contact information in the box (name, phone number and return address)
-We do not accept return of jewelry after 21 days of receiving your shipment
-Allow 2-4 weeks to receive repairs

Special Orders
We will accommodate the following types or special orders:
-Lengthening of a necklace/bracelet
-Shortening of a necklace/bracelet
-Switching earrings from clips to post or vice versa (when feasible)
-Please allow 2-4 weeks for special orders
-Please note-special orders are not returnable
-Cost of special orders will be assessed before they are completed