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Simon and Schuster

The Complete Cast-Iron Cookbook

$ 29.95
With over 300 of the quintessential recipes for your cast-iron cookware, this cookbook covers it all From stovetop to oven to table--no cookware is quite as versatile (or as quintessential ) as tried-and-true cast-iron...and The Complete Cast-Iron Cookbook is sure to be your new favorite kitchen staple Every recipe has been created with your cast-iron cookware in mind--and we've included gluten-free and vegetarian options for a number of recipes as well. Cast-iron is back--and chefs of all skill levels are learning just how easy it is to incorporate it into their non-stick coatings to worry about scratching or overheating, and oh, what a difference in the taste and texture of your end results (if you've ever had a fried egg from a non-stick pan, you KNOW what we mean) Once you try any one of these amazing recipes with your favorite cast-iron pan, you'll find there's no need to ever put it away...because you're sure to be using it every day.